Congratulations to our Creative Class 2016

Last night at Nottingham Contemporary we welcomed ten businesses as the Creative Class of 2016 (#CC2016).

Now in its fifth year, the Creative Class is a collaboration between Nottingham City Council, the Creative Quarter, Nottingham Means Business (now part of Marketing Nottingham and Nottinghamshire) and was kindly sponsored for a third year by PwC.

In total, including this year, there are now 48 Creative Class companies, creating an alumni of inspirational and innovative organisations who are a shining example of entrepreneurship across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

This is the event that people come away from with stories of growth, success and ambition, which celebrates Nottingham’s creative and innovative culture.

0001_1R7A461021233The Creative Class 2016 with Paul Norbury (PwC) and hosts Simon Gray (NMB) and Jonathan English (Skeleton Productions).

0010_1R7A526021239Jonathan English interviews Greg Bloor from Distinction in front of a packed audience.

Our Creative Class of 2016 are:

  1. Boom Online – / @boomweb
  2. Cofabrico –
  3. Distinction –
  4. Exco InTouch –
  5. Hosta Consulting –
  6. MultiPie –
  7. Retail Assist –
  8. Roller Agency –
  9. Sumo Digital –
  10. The Simplifiersthe

The evening was made bigger than the room with plenty of conversation on Twitter, which saw #CC2016 trend in fifth place across the UK.

The inspirational stories we heard used the following words to describe Nottingham:

Collaborative, supportive, vibrant, creative, ambitious, talented and cultural.

Special mention was made too of the importance of Nottingham’s two universities as a source of innovation, ideas and talent.

In addition to this year’s Creative Class we heard from Tumour Trace, one of last year’s members. With the support of PwC’s Fast Growth team they’ve gone on to achieve incredible success with much more to follow. They credit this success in part to the profile that last year’s Creative Class gave their business.

The most memorable quote of the evening came from Irma Gilbert from Cofabrico who heralded Nottingham as ‘the best city in the world to do business’.

To view the photos from the event, please visit – Click on the green Client Area icon towards the foot of the first page and on job 070716-1. The password is GOLDSTAR.

To read an article featuring all of the companies in the Nottingham Post, please click here.

A big thank you to everyone who made last night’s event such a huge success: Nottingham Contemporary, the Creative Quarter, Nottingham City Council, Nottingham Growth Hub, Paul Norbury, PwC, Kathy McArdle, Neil Horsley, Glenn Crocker, Jonathan English, Skeleton Productions, Tumour Trace, Neil Hoyle Photography and everyone that attended.

A huge congratulations to our Creative Class of 2016, we are very proud of you all.

0006_BOOM_ CREATIVE CLASS 2016_300616_NH1006Boom Online.

0002_COFABRICO_ CREATIVECLASS2016_050716_NH1022Cofabrico.

0005_DISTINCTION_ CREATIVE CLASS 2016_280616_NH1018Distinction.

0011_EXCOINTOUCH_ CREATIVECLASS2016_050716_NH1031Exco InTouch.

0010_HOSTA_ CREATIVE CLASS 2016_300616_NH1010Hosta Consulting.

0021_MULTIPIE_ CREATIVECLASS2016_050716_NH1001MultiPie.

0023_RETAIL ASSIST_ CREATIVE CLASS 2016_280616_NH1010Retail Assist.

0033_ROLLERAGENCY_ CREATIVECLASS2016_050716_NH1013Roller Agency.

0038_SUMO DIGITAL_ CREATIVE CLASS 2016_280616_NH1039Sumo Digital.

0023_SIMPLIFIERS_ CREATIVE CLASS 2016_300616_NH1023The Simplifiers.