Building links with China: Nottingham Aspiring Leaders Programme 2015

The University of Nottingham is organising a pioneering programme for a group of aspiring leaders from business, civic, and education sectors for a 2-week pilot programme in China starting September 2015. Sponsored by the Confucius Institute Headquarters and co-organised by The University of Nottingham’s Asia Business Centre, the delegation will visit relevant Chinese government departments, Chinese business leaders and leading academics and schools, to collaborate and develop a better understanding of how to engage with China. This programme aims to nurture business, student and government leaders in the UK, by equipping them with a global outlook, increasing their contact base and promoting their individual profiles in China.

Former UK Ambassador to China, Sir Sebastian Wood said, ‘Knowledge of China, and Chinese, is likely to be the best investment you ever make – an anchor for your career.’

Having invested over £12bn into the UK since 2010 and with bilateral trade exceeding £42bn in 2013, China represents an increasingly important market and trade partner for UK businesses. Business surveys conducted by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and the British Council show that UK businesses and institutions are recognising the need to encourage young people to become more internationally focused in order to take advantage of new opportunities in the global market. There are currently over 105,000 Chinese students studying in the UK, compared to just 3,500 UK students studying in China. The British Council placed Mandarin in the top five most important languages for Britain’s future prosperity.

For more information please contact Min Rose, Senior Executive Asia Business Centre – 0115 748 4137.