2018 Nottingham Partners events kick off with message of optimism for city

Attendees including Experian, BioCity and the Nottingham Hospitality Association (NHA) were just some of around 50 guests at our first business breakfast of 2018, held at Loxley House.

Our first event of the year focused on the multi-million pound economic regeneration of the city’s southern gateway, alongside the build of Nottingham College’s new City Hub.

The headline speaker; James Whybrow, Vice Principal at Nottingham College, focused on the key skill gaps which Nottingham College intends to address through collaboration between the business community and education providers.

Mr Whybrow showcased visuals for the proposed £60m development of the new Skills Hub on Canal Street, Broadmarsh East at the Southern Gateway to the city.

This symbolic new signature building will be a catalyst for implementing an ‘employment led vision’ for future skills ahead of its opening in 2020. Mr Whybrow said that the College was putting ‘employability’ at the forefront of its future vision.

The College has a key role, educating 7,000 16-18 year olds each year and also has an ambition to train the 12,000 people currently with no qualifications to learn basic level skills was presented, alongside a clear ambition grow digital skills and apprenticeships.

Attendees also heard from Nottingham City Council, highlighting the city’s strong traditions of skills-based industry, from lace making to manufacturing bicycles and the need to meet demand for digital skills, which are increasing in modern workplaces.

There was further discussion of the Broadmarsh area redevelopment, which is key to promoting further growth in the city, and not just in the present with the changing landscape of the car park, bus station, shopping centre and road space: the work the new Nottingham College City Hub will do being vital to equipping young people with the right skills for the future job market.

Nottingham City Council reaffirmed its support of the creation of a new and integrated Nottingham College facility to help young Nottingham residents, especially those who face barriers to employment, to increase their digital skills and prepare themselves for employment.

This ensures the city council meets its ongoing commitments to improving education and skills and continues to build strong links between business and education, making Nottingham a thriving digitally-enabled economy which provides jobs and prosperity for local people.

Here at Nottingham Partners we help inform the business community about major developments and initiatives so they can give the necessary input to shape long term prosperity for the local population.

We are running a number of these events throughout 2018 to stimulate further positive discussion and most importantly clear actions to the benefit of the city and county. Members can book on to our events by clicking here and entering the usual access code.

If you are not a member of Nottingham Partners and would like more information, please email Annette Thornley on annette.thornley@nottinghampartners.co.uk