Ingenuity19 has launched!

Ingenuity19 is looking for the next generation of entrepreneurs, corporates and community leaders to help find enterprising ideas to transform our city. Over the past 3 years we’ve had over 1,000 innovators take part, and awarded over £350,000 in funding to Nottingham-based start-ups. This year, Ingenuity is offering over 22 keynotes, a 6-week enterprise skills and training course, plus an £150k+ prize fund and investment opportunity to help transform business ideas into financially sustainable products.

Our aim is to help inspire a generation, enable them to discover problems worth solving, and offer them the tools to create scalable sustainable solutions, aiming to build a stronger UK society as well as UK PLC.  By highlighting issues on a city scale, participants can determine achievable social innovations that can impact across the country and beyond.  Offering information, data, and insight; world-class enterprise will be created on our doorstep, bringing more dynamic industries to Nottingham and the UK.

As part of the Ingenuity19 programme, participants will have access to:

  • 2 Inspirational weekend summits
  • 4 ideas generation events
  • 6-week enterprise skills programme
  • 22+ Keynote speakers
  • 50+ Hours skills and training
  • £150K+ prize fund

We are reaching out to large organisations in Nottingham, and the region, to join us and become agents for change.  We are asking if you will support some of your staff (future leaders) to register and take part as innovators (charges apply); and encourage more senior staff to register and take part as mentors.  The aim is to support the next generation of social and technology-based businesses, as well as unlock the potential of your work force, in a dynamic collaborative environment.

I wonder if you think it would be something your business would be interested in supporting its staff to attend and add value?

For further information on the opportunities available and how to register, visit