The hidden investment bringing Nottingham to the cutting edge of digital connectivity

Nottingham is currently undergoing a period of transformation – change is in the air and is visible in our streets and skyline. As anyone that lives and works here knows, there is a large number of very visible and highly celebrated redevelopment and regeneration projects currently in progress across the city centre. This investment in our built environment and infrastructure, and in our commercial, educational and recreational offering is great news for our city’s future, and the future of those businesses who have made Nottingham their home. But there’s something else happening under the scenes, something invisible but equally as important.

Following a multi-million pound investment, Nottingham has recently joined the growing ranks of Gigabit Cities; a city that can boast the best digital infrastructure in the UK. A network of over 70km of full-fibre internet cables are already in place throughout the city, linking many public buildings and key business clusters, and more are being laid all the time, extending reach and availability. The network provides high speed, highly resilient and secure infrastructure on which to operate business critical internet and communications services, such as cloud based services, remote access and hosted telephony.

Building on previous investments, including a new £2m data centre and the creation of a city centre hub for digital tech businesses, full-fibre internet is helping to position Nottingham as one of the UK’s best cities to locate and grow a business looking to compete in a global marketplace. Over 3,000 business in the city can take advantage of Gigabit speed internet services right now, transforming how the business and their teams work and delivering real business benefits.

As well as providing future-proof communications infrastructure, full-fibre connectivity provides the foundations for enabling the rollout of 5G, the implementation of smart city innovations and the development of Internet-of-Things technology, all bringing huge social, economic and commercial benefits to the city. Gigabit City status will also help to boost optimism and will drive further investment, new business start-ups and the development of digital skills.

Nottingham based IT company Mason Infotech have partnered with Entanet (A CityFibre business) and the ITS Group, to bring full-fibre internet access to Nottingham’s businesses and to help directors and IT professionals to make optimum use of the technology to improve business processes, efficiency and productivity.

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