City Centre Strategy Consultation

Nottingham City Council has recently completed a consultation about the future of the city centre.  The draft city centre strategy document generated a large amount of interest, receiving over 500 responses, covering over 70 pages.  In addition, a number of groups and businesses responded directly with longer feedback, including that of Marketing NG.

The key themes in the strategy – which are important for the whole of the city, not just retail or leisure, but impacting on work, leisure, study – were broadly well received.  The most positive comments were regarding events and working in the city.  There were also a large number of comments in the following areas:

  • Sustainability/green agenda – now is the time to really make Nottingham into a “Green City”
  • Transport and access – lots of comments regarding car parking, buses, trams, cycle networks and the need for more pedestrianisation.

The area that needed more work was around ambition – a number of people felt that the ambition should be a lot greater.  Nottingham should not just be the best in the East Midlands (which we are today) but comparable to Manchester/Birmingham etc.

The findings have been presented to the first meeting of the Nottingham Growth board and the next stage will be to properly analyse the feedback, and produce a final strategy.