Nottingham Partners Hosts Our First Online Event – A Covid-19 Business Support Update with Nottingham City Council

Nottingham Partners hosted their first online webinar today (Friday 1st May). Key figures from Nottingham City Council came together to discuss a business update regarding Covid-19. The meeting was chaired by Chair of Marketing NG, Paul Southby, featuring speakers Robert Dixon (Interim CEO of Marketing NG and Head of Business Growth at NCC) alongside Cllr Sam Webster and Nicki Jenkins (Director of Economic Development).

We would like to thank everyone who joined the Zoom call for a successful event and we look forward to bringing you more online updates and Partners events in the near future. Please see below to find out what was discussed at the update.

Cllr Sam Webster discussed the impact on the economy due to Covid-19. Nottingham City Council has received £129m from Central Government to help support businesses in Nottingham. £64m is also set to be given out in small grants to businesses, who will also receive a Business Rate discount.

Cllr Webster stressed how NCC is working closely with other organisations including the D2N2 Growth Hub, Marketing NG, Nottingham BID and the Chamber to provide a network of support for businesses.

The Nottingham Economic Recovery Unit has been set up to focus on the post-pandemic recovery of the city which will enable long term support for businesses and help to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. NCC estimates that Covid-19 has to date had a £56million economic impact on their organisation.

Nicki Jenkins, Director of Economic Development, provided an update on how work at Nottingham City Council has changed since the outbreak of the virus. Jenkins talked on how the Council’s priorities have changed for the community before outlining their focus on Economic Recovery. NCC is focussing finding support for the unemployed, including redeployment and supporting businesses with advice and providing grants and discounting business rates. The City Council have also been lobbying the government on closing gaps in their policies and ensure all businesses have the support they need available to them. Jenkins warned that NCC expects Covid-19 could see a rise in unemployment in the city by 15,000.

Robert Dixon talks about how NCC is looking to the future to ensure Nottingham is prepared for the effects of Covid-19. NCC launched the business survey to find out what pressures and concerns businesses in the city are facing and are reviewing how they can mitigate these pressures. He also mentions how the city has led a recruitment drive for the care sector which has led to over 230 people starting new roles in social care.

Cllr Sam Webster then takes the opportunity to thank business in Nottingham and the business community for coming together, giving to charities and helping the city to overcome the effects of Covid-19.