The Kickstart Scheme

Are you recruiting?

If so, maybe it is worth considering the Kickstart Scheme. The Kickstart Scheme is a great opportunity offering six-month job placements for young people. This is part of the Government’s Plan for Jobs and is fully-funded by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Yes! You read that right- FULLY FUNDED JOBS!

This means as an employer, you can get 6 months fully-funded wages paid for by the Government to employ 16-24 year olds.


As an Approved Kickstart Gateway, Business 2 Business offers a free full service, which can help businesses benefit from the Kickstart Scheme. This includes:

  • Claims compliance- we will work with you to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for the scheme.
  • Assist with creating job descriptions and pre-screening candidates to find the right candidate for you.
  • Financial management – to ensure timely and correct payments are given.
  • Regular support for your recruitment needs
  • Provide proof that quality wrap-around support including employability skills was delivered to the young person. We have independently audited this support.
  • Post-placement support should you want to keep the individual on and require additional staff.

B2B also provide free wrap-around support for the young person. This involves:

  • Training on CV, interviews, job search process, in-work support, setting career goals and careers advice.
  • Basic work training including: attendance, timekeeping, teamwork, communication and travelling to work.
  • Health & Safety and security procedures
  • COVID-19 precautions.
  • Preparation for work: what to take on the first day, journey planning and in-work benefit advice.

We will provide a certificate for our Kickstart Qualification once online courses have been completed.

 There are additional benefits with taking part in the Kickstart Scheme:

  • Bringing in passionate new individuals with a range of new skills into your business.
  • Through our employability support, individuals will gain fundamental experience to progress once in your organisation.
  • Support young people with the tools they need to flourish in your business

So, why should you choose Business 2 Business as your Kickstart Gateway?

  • As a leading training provider with over 35 years of experience, B2B have supported individuals back into work and supported a diverse range of national, regional, and local employers of all sizes and from every sector to recruit.
  • B2B have provided high quality diagnostics, information, advice and guidance and employability skills to prepare young people to enter employment.

For more information, please contact:


Call: 0800 995 6038