A note from Invest in Nottingham

Most members of Nottingham Partners will know that we all collaborate with the shared aim of attracting jobs, businesses and investment to the Nottingham area, working hand in hand with the Invest in Nottingham team. But in case the work of the Invest in Nottingham team is new to you, this is a very brief overview.

I’m going to say something daring, and will brace as I do so….here we go – you could say investment would happen in a city anyway with or without the efforts of an investment promotion agency. Ouch. Ok that statement might be right, but it would happen slower, it would happen without cohesion or strategic thought, and the investors may not stay once they have arrived. The Invest in Nottingham team works to attract investment to Nottingham by being plugged into the property market, venture capital funds, tech business communication channels, the visitor economy, university activity, the recruitment industry, skills boards, existing investors and more (busy bodies? Us?!). We take a cohesive, strategic approach because everything from education to tech spinouts, to office accommodation to leisure and hospitality all fits together, ultimately because it all affects the people. We do it because investment brings jobs, jobs bring economic growth, with economic growth comes an improved standard of living. And that is why we do it.

We encourage our existing members to get actively involved. Put forward your ideas to shape the conversations and tell us if you want support to grow your own business. If you have any intelligence on potential leads, areas of opportunity, new initiatives or a special interest area, please get in touch with a member of the team – enquiries@investinnottingham.co.uk


Emma Smith, Market Intelligence and Strategy Development

Invest in Nottingham