ampersand research

The origin of ampersand research

ampersand research is an independent market research agency based in Nottingham and jointly owned and managed by Mark Lasbury & Sarah Jones. We created ampersand research with the simple aim of providing considered research delivered with a fantastic customer experience.

What does ampersand research do?

We have a wealth of experience working with clients across numerous sectors both within the UK and globally. And for over 15 years, together, we have managed and researched a wide range of subjects using both qualitative & quantitative techniques.

How can ampersand research help you?

We would be delighted to support you with any research needs you may have. Whether it be full service (proposing suitable methods to presenting the final results) or dipping in and advising at any point during the project life cycle (for example, providing moderation of qualitative research, designing questionnaires), or just general guidance on how research may help you or your organisation.