Creates the right environment for growing and ambitious life science businesses

BioCity is a life science incubator providing a home to the curious, to the radicals and the pioneers going toe-to-toe with the healthcare challenges that affect us all, globally.To the businesses based at their UK campuses, they are a cheerleader, a critical friend and a collaborator – so much more than a life science incubator.

BioCity’s approach is holistic. Built upon a genuine understanding of the realities of starting a new business to create the right environment for businesses with ambition. They invest in creating the best environment so their companies can focus on the nitty gritty.

The cluster effect of BioCity builds large communities of people, creating opportunities not typically available to start-ups and small businesses. Even the smallest firms can be part of, and do, something big. They put their companies centre stage with shared press opportunities, pitching, exhibiting and speaking engagements with industry partners.

Attracting and keeping hold of talented staff is made easier thanks to quality perks like in-house coffee shops, exercise classes, social events and discounts at local gyms and restaurants.

Over a twelve-year period, companies based at BioCity Nottingham had a 91% survival rate, incomparable with the average survival rate of not just start-up businesses, but those based at other science parks and life science incubators. These companies not only survive, they flourish and receive headline grabbing exits, which for BioCity-based companies means profitable buyouts, mergers and acquisitions.

These successes are also felt outside the lab. Regions surrounding these ever-increasingly successful clusters benefit from their positive socio-economic impact; university talent remains, new jobs are created and inward investment follows.