Career Codex Limited

Career Codex Limited provides executive career coaching and strategic job search strategies to clients across the world.

While the majority focus on the CV / resume and applying to available positions, Career Codex encourages executive jobseekers to think and act differently.

In the executive job market standing out is critical to your success and our unique methodology gives you proactive control of your next move, access to executive career opportunities in the ‘hidden market’, and the power to uncover and sometimes even create executive opportunities others miss.

Through private and group coaching, Career Codex works with an international client base. Our proven system is based on real-life experience and empowers our clients to define, find and secure the executive positions they really want.

Simon Gray FCA is a chartered accountant and the former Chief Executive of Nottingham Means Business. After 10 years in the recruitment industry he left to share his knowledge of how the executive job market really works. He is the author of a number of books including Super Secrets of Successful Executive Job Search, which consistently receives five-star reviews on Amazon worldwide.

Career Codex Limited is proud to support Nottingham Partners.