Devello is a new niche property and planning law firm hoping to transform the market with a service that builds trusted partnerships while moving away from the traditional hourly billing model.  Devello’s core is its legal practice, which is a new kind of law firm that puts collaborative relationships and flexibility first.  Devello’s cost structure is very flexible to suit the needs of the client and the project, every case being priced according to the specialist knowledge and value Devello can deliver following a discussion with the client about their and the project’s cashflow needs.

As well as its niche law practice, Devello will offer a high-level strategic advisory service to developers, landowners, promoters, investors and others in the planning and development sectors. The team will be involved from the outset of a deal being negotiated to ensure that legal constraints are considered. The team can also manage the entire project for the client to ensure a smooth process.

Our property expertise includes:

•        Residential & Commercial Development

•        Energy development

•        Commercial landlord and tenant

•        Investment property

•        Land and property regeneration projects

•        Property finance

•        Estate management

Our planning expertise includes:

Planning, highway and infrastructure agreements (e.g. s106 planning agreements)

Strategic planning advice (e.g. exploring opportunities for diversification)

Infrastructure projects (including Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects and Development Consent Orders)

Advocacy, planning appeals, judicial reviews, inquiries, hearings and public examinations

Compulsory purchase orders, compensation and highways and other orders

Legal advice on planning applications, permissions and certificates of lawful use

Environmental impact assessments, biodiversity net gain, community infrastructure levy and other planning procedures

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