Integra Comms Ltd

Using creative public relations and public affairs to get clients recognition, respect and responses

Why Integra Communications?


We believe that PR can only function well if it is integrated into your commercial and marketing plans. That’s why we’ll ask you about your business history, commercial aims, current marketing activity and what seems to be working well.

We provide intelligent PR backed up by years of experience as marketers and entrepreneurs. We understand what you are trying to achieve.


We believe your PR professional should look, sound and act as part of your team. That’s why we chose to work with clients who enjoy having us on board – as colleagues. This trust means a lot to us – and we’ve made many long-term business friends as a result.


We believe good PR is built on trust and that trust comes from an open and honest approach to both buying and selling PR services. That’s why we would always spend time getting to know and understand your business before recommending the use of PR. If the timing isn’t right, or if we feel you can handle the PR in a different way, or by yourself, we’ll say so.

Integra campaigns loved by clients

  • National drive to encourage more female entrepreneurs;
  • Worldwide profile-raising for medical technology company;
  • National campaign to encourage careers in engineering;
  • Regional drive to promote STEM skills;
  • Fundraising campaign for Nottingham homeless charity;
  • International campaign for life-sciences incubator business.
  • National profile-raising for business advisory organisation.
  • National promotion of Christian relief and development charity working in north-east Uganda.