Nottingham Trams Ltd

Operating a world-class tram network for greater Nottingham

Nottingham Trams Ltd is a joint venture company; 80% Keolis(UK) and 20% Wellglade (owners of local bus operator Trent Barton). Both companies have proven track records in operating efficient, effective and reliable transport systems, and are delivering a 23 year contract to operate and maintain the original tram system, and the new Phase 2 lines which opened in 2015. The extension more than doubled the size of Nottingham’s tram network operating between Hucknall and Toton (via Bulwell, Nottingham City Centre, Beeston and Chilwell) and Phoenix Park and Clifton (via Nottingham City Centre and Wilford.)

Nottingham’s light rail system came top of the latest National Tram Passenger Survey of tram systems in the UK, scoring overall satisfaction levels of 98%. We serve 20 of the largest employers in Greater Nottingham, carrying 15 to 20 million passengers a year and provide access to more than 1,270 city workplaces. We are also committed to ‘buying local’ whenever we can and any business wishing to be considered as a potential supplier is invited to contact us.

We are the first tramway in the country to be fully accessible, meeting the Disability Discrimination Act guidelines. We aim to provide a sustainable alternative to the car, with an increase in public transport capacity that supports growth in the local economy. We take great care of our trams to make them all clean and comfortable, they are 100% low floor throughout so it’s easy for buggies, wheelchairs and shoppers. We also have dedicated areas for wheelchair users and buggy parking so customers can travel safely and hassle free.

With the tram running through the heart of the City every few minutes it is ideally placed for companies to gain valuable advertising exposure. Whether you’re looking to advertise to the 300,000 strong City population or to the 15 million customers who ride the tram every year we can offer space which will make your product stand out! With over 45,000 students descending on the City every year to enrol at one of the Cities two Universities, Nottingham delivers an audience of 20-29 year olds well above the national average, leading to a young and vibrant feel throughout the City.