Spinning Clock

Spinning Clock is a global, award winning creative agency. We work with businesses of all sizes to promote brands and increase sales through highly creative marketing. Our clients include The Walt Disney Company, The BBC, Speedo, Capita & a range of major Government Departments.

Design is incorporated into everything that we do, yet we don’t just offer graphic design services. As a full service creative agency, Spinning Clock can manage your imaginative campaign needs however large or small. We can help you to embrace digital, interactive, event and video marketing, working with you to produce, manage and deliver your campaigns.

Our approach combines inspiration with strategy and technology to deliver award winning brand experiences. Our animation production studio creates memorable digital animation, our video production team specialises in telling stories via video, our events team deliver high quality immersive event solutions and our interactive media specialists are experts at bringing your content to life through digital media. Get the whole team involved and we can connect all these skills into something spectacular.

We’re much more than a graphic design agency. Our highly skilled team can combine design expertise in a wide variety of media with our marketing know-how to create exciting campaigns and brand experiences beyond the realms of your imagination…think big and we’ll help you achieve your goals.