Sygnature Discovery

Sygnature Discovery is a leading independent integrated drug discovery contract research organisation (CRO), providing scientific resource and expertise to pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients around the world. Our mission is to accelerate the discovery of new medicines from the laboratory into clinical development to treat patients with a range of debilitating and fatal diseases.

Founded in BioCity Nottingham in 2004 and private equity-backed since 2017, Sygnature undertakes target validation, hit identification, hit-to-lead and lead optimisation projects and complete drug research programmes. The company has an enviable track record of success. Since 2011, 14 potential new medicines, which were invented at Sygnature, have entered clinical trials. These include novel compounds targeting severe asthma, COPD, dry eye syndrome, fungal infections, inflammatory bowel disease, solid tumour cancers and viral infections.

Our core capabilities include medicinal chemistry, in vitro biology/screening, computational sciences and informatics, DMPK/physical sciences, in vitro toxicology and project management. Protein production and X-ray crystallography are offered through Peak Proteins Ltd, an affiliate company. Sygnature also provides a range of pre-clinical experimental services via RenaSci, a Sygnature Group company.

Sygnature Discovery operates a business whose primary focus is value creation for our clients, through the application of integrated drug discovery know-how and close working relationships. Headquartered in Nottingham with over 200 pharmaceutical industry-experienced research scientists (over 80% PhD qualified) we have the ability to collaborate on an equal footing with our clients’ scientists to drive drug discovery projects towards the clinic. Sygnature also has facilities in Alderley Park, Cheshire, UK, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

In summary, Sygnature Discovery offers:

Target validation

  • Hit identification
  • Hit-to-lead
  • Lead optimisation
  • Integrated drug discovery programmes
  • Medicinal chemistry
  • In vitro biology (including biophysics and live cell imaging)
  • Computational chemistry
  • DMPK
  • Protein crystallography
  • Pre-clinical experimental services