T Bailey

Managing your investments: Growing your savings

Savings are important to us all.

The savings we accumulate through our lives represent different things to each one of us. Savings may provide security against a rainy day, dignity in retirement or a resource to draw on to help the next generation. Your savings may represent a combination of all these things.

However you think of your savings you have a common need for them to be invested effectively until you need them.

T. Bailey is an independent investment house specialising in multi-manager investment solutions including regulated collective investment schemes.

At T. Bailey, we recognise the importance of preserving wealth and growing it in real terms (above inflation). Our solutions are constructed to provide differing margins of performance above inflation depending on risk appetite and time horizon.

For more details of our investment offerings please visit our website www.tbaileyam.co.uk.


T. Bailey Asset Management Limited (“TBAM”) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. TBAM does not offer advice to private individuals.