East Midlands Mayoral Debate: A Nottingham Partners Breakfast Event

Friday 2nd May 2024 at Cleaver & Wake | Sponsored by Cavendish

Nottingham Partners hosted the first official public hustings ahead of the East Midlands Mayoral Debate on May 2nd.

Businesses from across the region were invited to hear directly from the candidates and ask their questions on how, if they become Mayor, they will impact their business.

The election takes place on Thursday 2nd May, with residents from across Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derby and Derbyshire voting for the first ever East Midlands Mayor. The new Mayor will head up the newly formed EMCCA, which will sit above the existing councils and devolved powers in areas including transport, skills, regeneration, and economic development. The EMCCA could bring up to £4 billion to the region over the next 30 years.

We were joined by three of the four candidates, Claire Ward (Lab), Cllr Ben Bradley MP (Con), and Matthew Relf (Ind) all had the chance to put their vision for the region to those in the business community. The fourth candidate, Cllr Alan Graves (Reform Derby) declined the invitation to attend.

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