Chief Executive’s Blog

Nottingham Mean Business has been six months in the making and we’re finally here.

Having come on board as Interim Chief Executive of Invest in Nottingham Club late last year, I worked closely with Jim Taylor to understand the history and to reshape the organisation to deliver a new phase of growth.

We were all saddened and shocked by Jim’s untimely passing in February and this made both Natalie and I even more determined to push on and make him proud.

This started with reshaping the board to reflect the sectors of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire economy that are important for sustained economic growth and job creation.

Our Interest Groups covering China, Germany and India on the international front, Data, Digital & Creative, Life Sciences, Clean Tech, Manufacturing and Professional Services representing indigenous business sectors and Skills & Infrastructure providing solid foundations, are now all up and running.

Through this restructure we have a clear platform to inform, inspire and encourage investment into our local economy for the benefit of all.

With the creation of our website, reinforced by our social media engagement strategy, for the first time we have an opportunity to tell our member stories, the story of doing business in Nottingham both far and wide.

Although we’ve moved away from Invest in Nottingham in name, it is my belief that by providing a clearly identifiable business offering and voice that we are now in a better position to support both Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council with their economic development strategies.

As I said at the unveiling of our new brand on 27 June, ‘we are Nottingham and we mean business!’

This is the start of something new and exciting – on with the journey.