Welcome to Black History Month in the UK – a blog by Cllr Leslie Ayoola

It’s October again and another chance for individuals and society to have a closer look at the amazing contributions that black people (people of African descent) have made and continue to bring to our society and our great city of Nottingham.

It would be remiss of me if I did not mention that black entrepreneurs help contribute to the £25 billion per annum towards the UK’s Gross Value Added (GVA) for the economy and it is vital we that we not only celebrate this, but build upon it in order to benefit the city of Nottingham.

I want to recognise and pay tribute to Nottingham’s Black Business Community of past and present for their contribution to the retail, transport, professional, manufacturing and many more sectors. With the recent passing of serial entrepreneur Lee Lindsay, who contributed much to business success in Nottingham and to Clifton Theodore Mitchell who opened the first African-Caribbean shop in the city in the 1950s; we salute you!

As the impact of Brexit gets closer to becoming a reality, it’s vital we recognise and support the growing black community’s economic links with Africa and the Caribbean, where we see some of the fastest growing economies globally; B-Global is here to support Nottingham businesses in this area to grow, develop and add sustainable economic value.

It is important not to see business and the need for economic revival through the lens of one cultural perspective, but to see the real added value that diverse communities bring to the table. What is good for one community, is good for us all.

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Cllr Leslie Ayoola, Director of Marketing Nottingham / Assistant Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, Business Growth & City Centre Management / Co-Founder of B-Global