Launch of Nottingham’s Ethical Business Centre

From 1st April 2022, Nottingham will see the launch of a new kind of business centre, a centre that will be managed in an ethical way to achieve the ‘triple bottom line’ of social, environmental and financial returns.

For over 10 years, Castle Cavendish Works, based in the heart of Radford, has been successfully delivering ‘managed office-space’ and business centre services to local businesses. The fully refurbished former Victorian print works is owned and managed by Castle Cavendish – a ‘social impact company’.

“Put simply, at Castle Cavendish, we manage our property portfolio in a way that not just provides excellent workspace for our business tenants, but also generates additional benefits, with profits re-invested into the local community, rather than being paid out to shareholders” says Dave Brennan, CEO of Castle Cavendish.  “We believe that a more ethical approach to managing Castle Cavendish Works will add to our offer, and attract likeminded organisations and businesses who can see a value in being part of an ethically-driven commercial community that is working towards a more just, equitable and sustainable society”.

Castle Cavendish has recently established a new set of Operating Principles which will ensure Castle Cavendish Works is managed in a more ethical way in terms of its governance, policies and procedures.  The principles will also ensure the centre’s selection of business tenants and its procurement of services and supplies are managed in accordance with rigorous ethical standards.

A key component of Castle Cavendish approach is its Environmental Impact Framework that will reduce the facility’s negative affect on the environment. The framework has already seen Castle Cavendish Works take steps to minimise its energy usage, water consumption, waste and CO2 emissions, whilst switching to sustainable products and materials and promoting sustainable transport.  It will also guarantee that the net profits from Castle Cavendish Works will be re-invested back into the local area through grants and community projects, helping local communities recover and re-connect from the pandemic.

Castle Cavendish Works will be holding a launch event on 1st April from 12.30pm to 2pm which will feature a number of keynote speakers who will discuss the commercial and community benefits to businesses in taking up an ethical approach.

A buffet lunch will be provided and the event is free to attend and open to all local businesses. To register your interest please email: or phone 0115 900 3100.