Nottingham Central Library Tour

Thank you to all Nottingham Partners members for joining us for a great event this morning at Nottingham’s Central Library’s exclusive event.

A special acknowledgment extends to Nottingham City Council and Overbury for their great contribution to hosting the event.

The morning commenced with a networking session complemented by refreshments, followed by insightful talks from speakers including David Mellen, Leader of Nottingham City Council; Mel Marrett, Chief Executive of Nottingham City Council; and Ian Bothamley, Contracts Manager at Overbury. A dynamic Q&A session ensued, culminating in a captivating, guided tour of the extraordinary facilities to wrap up the morning.”

The showcased facilities today were truly extraordinary, with a special mention for the captivating interactive screen room—a fantastic feature that enhances children’s learning experiences through engaging interactivity. This was followed by the delightful kids’ zone, adorned with playful decor, creating an ideal environment for children to read, learn, and socialise.

Additionally, they highlighted other outstanding facilities, including a diverse array of books, well-designed workspaces, versatile room rentals, and exhibition spaces—all meticulously crafted assets that will greatly benefit the public and business community of the city of Nottingham

If you couldn’t make it today, we highly recommend you visit Nottingham Central Library next Tuesday when it officially opens to see the amazing facilities for yourself.

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