Condition Management Company

We bring together many years of experience in designing and delivering psychotherapy services across the East Midlands. We provide high quality, bespoke psychotherapy with clients at the heart of what we do. We are based in Carrington in our dedicated therapy clinic, with free parking and excellent transport links.

Our team of therapists bring a broad range of experience and expertise to provide excellent results, allowing our clients to meet their goals. We work with a wide range of mental health presentations, offering a number of evidence-based treatment approaches. We tailor our therapy to work with neurodivergent individuals, providing strategies to manage challenges associated with ADHD and Autistic Spectrum presentations. Our therapy team are skilled at working with young people and adolescents as well as adults.

We also have a package of training workshops aimed at providing useful insights into common mental health symptoms, how to support colleagues and customers and when therapy may be beneficial. These are delivered by a therapist with extensive knowledge in the area, and can be tailored to specific environments or populations.

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