Millward Consulting Engineers

Established in 1993, Millward stands as a privately-owned, integrated engineering consultancy that goes beyond conventional problem-solving. We pride ourselves on being different through design, as we seamlessly blend creativity with technical expertise to offer comprehensive solutions from pre-planning to project completion.

Millward specialises in Highways and Infrastructure, Civil and Structural Engineering, Environmental and Geotechnical, as well as Traffic and Transport services.

Our dedicated team of professionals embodies the Millward ethos – solving complex challenges and adding value through innovative design across various sectors. Our centrally located office serves as a hub for our empowered management team, facilitating swift decision-making processes and maintaining a personalised service.

At Millward, client relationships are not just transactions; they are long-term partnerships. The majority of our work comes from repeat business, showcasing our status as a trusted engineering consultancy. Our emphasis on customer care and becoming an integral part of the client team means we can deliver comprehensive solutions each time and maintain clients who can trust us. We intentionally operate with small teams, allowing us to offer a personalised approach to every project. Our clients appreciate dealing with the same professionals, fostering a wider-team approach that sets us apart.

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