Nottingham On The Cusp

Nottingham is on the cusp of something truly transformational. For the past two years, works have been on-site to refurbish Nottingham station – the St Pancras of the Midlands; extend the tram network, improve the ring road, and at long last, dual the country lane that is currently the A453 from the city centre to… Read more

German interest group

As chairman of the German Interest Group, I am delighted to have been asked to write this blog, and look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences in the coming months. First a little history of the group: Since its inception in 2012, we have grown from a small collection of members with a shared… Read more

Chief Executive’s Blog

Nottingham Mean Business has been six months in the making and we’re finally here. Having come on board as Interim Chief Executive of Invest in Nottingham Club late last year, I worked closely with Jim Taylor to understand the history and to reshape the organisation to deliver a new phase of growth. We were all… Read more